Bespoke Software Development


Software that fits your business

Your business is unique! Over the years you have created processes and paperwork that your staff follow because you know it works. At Mustard, we create software and mobile applications that follow your processes.

When you implement a bespoke Mustard application, your staff will not have to change what they do. Your staff will have helped develop & test your new system and will therefore adopt it quickly.

Training for a bespoke system is simple and quick. With a bespoke system, you only get the functionality you require. Therefore there are fewer options, fewer buttons and fewer settings than you would get with an off-the-shelf package such as accounting software.

A bespoke computer system does not have to control your entire business. You can have a single system that focuses on a particular task or function. Often this is how businesses introduce bespoke systems. At Mustard, we have created cost calculators, holiday booking systems and design drawing databases, all of which lead to bigger projects as the staff and management began to understand how bespoke software can help their business.

When you have a bespoke computer system created by Mustard, your business owns the system and are free to sell it as an asset when the time comes to sell your business. Having a bespoke software system will increase the resale value of your business as the buyer will have the information to continue, once you step away.

The Benefits


Your processes can be followed

Bespoke software can be designed to follow your existing processes. The enables easier implementation and adoption by your staff.


Your business owns the software

The software becomes an asset of the business making your company more attractive to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell.


Your business owns the data

Online, subscription-based services often own your data. This makes it difficult for you to move to a new service. Yes, they may provide export functionality but often the format is not acceptable to your new service and data is lost.


You can add functionality later

Your business will evolve and with bespoke software, your computer system can evolve with you. Often a quick email or a short telephone call is all that is required to store more values or increase functionality.


Not charged by user

Mustard charges you by project or hourly for changes. There is no license fee per site or by user. Your business will own the software.


“Pneu-Therm started working on their internal part tracking software with Barry back in 2006, over the last 14 years this software has been developed into an integral part of our daily running. Barry has been excellent throughout, making the development of the program easy to understand and offering advice and suggestions when needed. Barry is a fantastic software engineer and a great personality to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Barry to anyone, and genuinely believe he can help any business with his software.”

Howard Langley – Director – Pneu-Therm Ltd


  • Which player is to break – avoiding that “Who’s turn to break?” question
  • What colour each player is – avoiding that “What colour am I?” question
  • Which player won
  • How the game was won: Normally, 7-balled, by foul or perfect break
  • Current winning streaks, how many times in a row have you beaten a player or players in a row.
  • Wins/loses for the day, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, last year and all time.
  • Leader boards with statistics.
  • Games that resulted in a re-rack.
  • Previous results, see how other players are doing when you are not there.
  • Multiple tables.
  • Screensaver – to prevent screen burn. Mustard Pool is designed to be left on all the time.
  • On-screen keyboards – Mustard Pool is designed for touch screens but will work with a mouse or a trackpad/trackball.

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