(Customer Relationship Management)

Mustard’s definition of CRM:

A CRM is a collection of contacts stored on a computer system that enables your business to be more productive, efficient and profitable. Notice that we did not say that a CRM is a sales system! A CRM can store prospects and customers, but it can also store candidates, employees, clients, patients and even inmates!

There are hundreds of different CRM systems that you can subscribe to or buy. However, those CRM systems are designed to fit the majority of businesses, you will have to do some work to make an off-the-shelf CRM work for your business. A CRM system written by Mustard will be created specifically for your business. It will follow your existing processes and implement the procedures that you know work.

Your business is unique. You have developed your own way to attract prospects, and you have your own way of selling to them. You may have a spreadsheet containing a list of your customers and what they have bought. A CRM system gives you this information and so much more. 


 What can a Mustard CRM do for you?

  • Store name, address, email, mobile number and other personal details for each contact.
  • Add time-stamped notes to each contact preventing the “Sorry. I cannot deal with your question as xxx is not in today” or “What is happening with ….?” questions within the office.
  • Raise tasks, making sure follow-ups are not forgotten.
  • Categorise contacts. Find a specific group of contacts e.g. Are they prospects or customers, what sectors do they represent, where are they based, number of employees, turnover, the list goes on.
  • Send SMS text messages; everyone reads their SMS text messages.
  • Send emails using templates, speeding up communication with prospects and customers.
  • Create and email PDF proposals.
  • Store customer purchases
  • Store assets that are on loan or stored with customers
  • User permissions, you may not want everyone within your organisation to see all contact information.
  • Process and store incoming and outgoing emails. Attach the emails to the notes of a contact.
  • Provide an audit trail so you know who did what and when.

What other uses does a Mustard have?

  • Personal trainers: Store client progress and exercise routines.
  • Asset management: Store client details and the assets they have.
  • Trainers and course tutors: Store candidate details and the certificates they have gained
  • Construction companies: Make sure your staff and contractors have current cards and certificates required to be on site


A bespoke computer system, won’t that be expensive?

Mustard has been creating bespoke CRM systems since 2006; because of this, we already have many of the modules that you will require, so you will only be paying for us to “stitch” those modules together and modify to your requirements.

There will be development costs, and there may be an on-going support contract. However, the CRM will work exactly how you want it to. It will grow with your business, so you will not have to migrate to a new system as you wont outgrow it. Staff training will be shorter as you will have designed your CRM.

Why should you have your CRM created by Mustard?


The CRM will be designed for your business.


You will be able to add more features as and when you require them.


Everyone within your organisation will be able to access your CRM with no site or user licensing limits.


You can restrict which functions a user can access and what they can view.


You own the data. The CRM becomes an asset of your business and therefore increases the value of your business should you want to sell up.


Your CRM will be branded as your own with your logo’s and colours


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