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Saving Time And Money With

Business Driven Software
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“Barry has always delivered a quality service; he always comes up with the solution to the problem, is quick, very affordable and makes my life a lot easier!”

Rachel Phillips – Director – Empire National Ltd

What can Mustard do to help your business?

Mustard create bespoke software and mobile applications. We do this so that you and your staff have the information required to run your business. We have been creating bespoke applications for over 20 years and have worked within most of sectors. However, no one knows your business like you do. So we will take the time to understand your existing processes and find out what you expect to achieve.

We do not need a technical specification, or any written overview from you. Instead we try to get a good understanding of what you require and who will be using the system. We are flexible and expect comments such as “I like that but can you change it to…..” or “Such and such is required here, can you add it?” during the development and that is why you should choose Mustard. We understand that until you are using a system, you will not know if all the angles have been covered. 

The route to bespoke software development

Your business is growing, at one time you knew all of your customers by name, and what they had ordered. You probably moved on to spreadsheets but after a short time, those became cumbersome and complicated. At that point you started taking on staff to help you. You then realise that you can no longer keep information in your head. Your staff need to know what you know, about your customers, their orders and your stock. You know that computers are the answer but after trying a few off-the-shelf packages your realise that your business needs something special and unique, something that matches your existing processes. This is the point that bespoke software development starts to make sense and this is where Mustard can help. Generally, customers of Mustard do not start out to computerise their entire operation. They start with a single function, like a customer database or a cost calculator. But over time, as the business grows, bespoke software can reach every corner of your business. Each new function being paid for by the savings of the previous development.