Software for the construction industry

Construction is a complicated business. Both small and large projects require staff, reams of paperwork, suppliers, plant, equipment and contractors. Mustard is here to help with the administration, enabling your entire team to know what is going on with each project, each vehicle and each worker. Using a computer system from Mustard, your staff will know exactly where to find the information they are after. Hunting through folders and spreadsheets becomes a thing of the past!

Mustard will create bespoke software for your business. The following are examples of computers systems that we have already created, each can be altered to meet with the requirements of your business:


Keeping track of plant and equipment can be a time-consuming occupation. Mustard has created an application that monitors plant and equipment, from servicing to on-hire/off-hire dates.


Need to know when certificates and cards are running out? Which member of staff is best suited for a specific site. Mustard has created an application that allows you to attach a copy of the certificate or card with the expiry date and remind you when it is no longer valid. Simply press a button to see who has certificates or cards expiring in the next month.


For the trainers of construction staff, Mustard has created an application that keeps track of those that have been trained. The software issues reminders when a certificate is about to expire. This application was initially created for Health & Safety trainers but is now used by plant operator trainers. The software can read the details entered into your website, either an enquiry or a booking form, reducing the amount of data entry required to process a candidate.


We are currently working with a major construction company to create a bespoke project management application that will track everyone involved with a project, from staff to utility companies.


Construction companies spend a lot of money with suppliers. Keeping track of the spend on each site can be difficult. Mustard created an application that sends a PDF order direct to the supplier via email with a unique order number. Knowing who ordered what for a which site can prevent a time-consuming game of cat and mouse at month, period or year-end!


Daniel Charles Construction

Margaret Clarke – Health Safety & Training Co-ordinator

Having worked with Barry in my previous employment I had no hesitation in asking him to assist in my new role within construction to further develop a CRM system for Training and Development of our employees. The task of using excel spreadsheets to record our employees training and keep track of when construction cards and certification were about to expire etc., was a daunting one with so many people, but an important function to keep our company compliant and current with legislation.

Barry had already created a CRM system for training which together we have managed to turn into a bespoke system for “Training Co-ordination” that fits our company and how we work. Its fantastic, I know what all of our employees have at a glance, their certification is held on the system and I can run reports to keep up to date with everything. The system allows me to share certain areas with personnel in the office and on sites and Barry is working on a mobile App to make it even more streamlined. The joy of working with Barry is that he allows me to control where I want the system to develop, I email an idea, as situations change, and he makes it happen – couldn’t ask for a better service!

T Balfe Construction

Keith Bloodworth – Plant Manager

Barry just a massive thank you. You have honestly done everything I asked for and a whole lot more. You have changed my working life and made things so much easier. Thank you once again

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