What is an EPOS system?

EPOS is short for Electronic Point Of Sale and is a computerised till. For the customer, an EPOS system will add up the prices of the items purchased and produce a receipt. For the business owner, it provides detailed sales information, which can help with future planning.

There are countless Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) software systems available with prices ranging from free to tens of thousands of pounds. There are industry-specific EPOS systems, including hospitality, beautician and retail. Some EPOS systems stand-alone (corner shop or hairdresser); others can work together (supermarket or multinational). Off-the-shelf EPOS systems will not do “exactly” what your business needs and all of which will have features you will not use or require.

 What is a Mustard EPOS system?

We create bespoke EPOS systems, EPOS systems for those who know what you need to run your business but cannot find the right EPOS system to fit your requirements or budget.

All of our bespoke EPOS systems can store your products and services, but they can do more. You can add product configurations and calculations at the point of sale, and with our detailed receipts, the customer has all the information they require after they leave.

Handing a standard receipt to your customer is the expected norm. However, you may be missing a huge marketing opportunity to sell more of your products and services. Our bespoke EPOS systems can create receipts on any size of paper. Therefore you can add offers, promote other services, and include customer feedback forms.

Hardware for an EPOS system can be expensive, consisting of a touch screen monitor, a PC, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and maybe a barcode scanner. Our EPOS software will run on those systems. However, our EPOS software will also run on computers you already own, enabling you to keep your costs down. You will only need a laptop and maybe a printer, neither of which need to be current. Our EPOS systems will work on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


bespoke epos system


All EPOS systems should provide a “Z” total. A “Z” total is the total value of sales since the last “Z” total. Most businesses will perform a daily “Z” total and record their takings for that day.

Our bespoke EPOS software will produce the reports that you will need to grow. Yes, we will provide transaction (sales) reports, but we can also provide you with more detail such as:

  • An hourly breakdown of sales telling you which products sell at what times of the day. This level of reporting will help you with staffing.
  • Product reports to help with re-ordering and recognising seasonal fluctuations.
  • Product type reports that group sales of certain products together.
  • Staff reports detailing who is working on the till when and how much they have taken.

Our EPOS reports are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. So you are not dependant on your staff producing the totals for you. You can watch, in real-time, what is happening at any, or all, of your outlets.

 What benefits are provided by a bespoke EPOS system from Mustard?

With a bespoke Mustard EPOS system, you will get the EPOS that your business deserves with the help and support you expect from Mustard.

All of our bespoke EPOS systems:

  • Will produce tailored receipts and invoices. You will not be stuck with a single receipt layout. You can have different receipts for different circumstances, e.g. account, cash, credit card, takeaway, delivery etc. You can print to both a receipt printer or a standard A4 printer, then choose at the point of sale which to use.
  • As well as receipts and invoices, our EPOS systems can produce other paperwork, including permits, raffle tickets, entrance tickets, feedback forms etc.
  • Will work with your existing processes and procedures within your business. By doing this, the transition to your new EPOS system is quicker with less friction from your staff.
  • Can include the information you need from the customer —for example, vehicle registration number, purchase order number, account numbers etc.
  • Handle multiple sales at the same time on the same EPOS system. Nothing is more annoying than being the next customer in line and the customer being served wanders off to get something else. With our EPOS systems, the staff member can start a new transaction with you and then go back to the previous customer once they return.
  • Only perform the functions that you require—making the user interface more straightforward and staff training faster.
  • Will be branded with your logos and colours, showing your customers the investment you have made.
  • Can be expanded to meet the growing needs of your business.
  • Integrate with your existing computer systems.
  • Have company-wide licenses. Once you have your bespoke EPOS system from Mustard, you can install it as many times as your business requires.



We will build you an EPOS system that meets your exact requirements. You can pay outright, or you can subscribe to one of our monthly payment plans. Our monthly payment plans include the development of your bespoke EPOS system and ongoing support. Or, you can do a mixture of the two to reduce initial and ongoing costs.

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